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For over 20 years, FAME Fitness Owner Jonas Palmer has been training athletes, musicians, and other celebrities all over the country. Are you next? FAME Fitness operates a gym in Philadelphia, PA where Jonas is the head trainer and works with clients both on-site and at private gyms.

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I have been training since the day I left college. Fitness has been and is still my passion and it has brought me to places I never thought I would be. I’ve made it my goal to wake up every day and love what I do, but more importantly to make a positive impact on the lives of those who I train and coach. It may look daunting from the outside, but once you’re in the gym you feel empowered, a fuse becomes lit, and your mind has nothing on it except to push harder and do just one…more…rep. That’s why I founded FAME Fitness.

– Jonas A. Palmer

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We are the best at finding the right combination of exercises to always keep your body guessing.

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Jonas Palmer

Owner & Personal Trainer

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why we are different

we exist to help you succeed

We built this business with only one thing in mind, and that’s you. Every one of our clients’ success is paramount to our success as a business. We built FAME Fitness gym to be a judgement-free zone.

In addition to the state of the art gym, we also have multiple offerings to keep you fit and your body guessing. Personal training, boxing, MMA, yoga, and more. If a gym is what you want, we can provide. If you’re looking for even more, we’ve got that too.

Other gyms will lock you into a contract and force you to pay for an entire year no matter what. Other gyms will hide fees and charge annual service fees. Other gyms will charge through the roof rates for add-ons like personal training, classes, and specialty services. FAME Fitness never will.

Burn baby burn!

Trying to burn those calories? Our HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) style workouts will have you sweating and burning more than that treadmill. You'll have some crazy euphoria afterwards. We promise.

having a plan feels good.

Building your gym regimen is tough to adopt, there's no question. Everyone finds motivation differently, but training with us will help guarantee that you'll show up with somebody who is just as dedicated to your goals as you.

Working with Jonas has been nothing short of amazing. In only a few months after training I noticed a huge difference in my form and started receiving compliments from others about how great I looked. He knows what he is doing and always keeps me on edge with new workouts.

Brandon Bell

I've known Jonas for over 20 years and I trust this man to tell me what I need to do and how to do it. He plays no games and always tells it to you straight. He's a great fitness partner.

Tariq "Black Thought" Trotter
Lead MC @ The Roots

I am in town for my bff's 40th birthday party and having been on a health journey myself and hearing her rave reviews and SEEING the results from her trainer Jonas I said let's both do a workout with him! Well I came I tried to conquer and still had a solid hour of sweat, lifting and HIIT exercises. Making health a priority and putting money towards my goals is a non negotiable. And honestly his rates are affordable and the results are worth it if you can stick to it. Thanks for the sweat session!

Jennifer T.